Hot Melt Lijmpistolen

HM Heated Guns, QC400-, QC500 & QC700-series, SlotNozzle Extrusion & Coating

HM Heated Dispensing Guns, HQ-Label !
  • HQ Label !   High Quality / High Performance series of HotMelt Guns, engineered and manufactured according stringest European DIN standards.
  • QC400-series, Air-Open-Spring-Closed standard Modules.
  • QC500-series, Air-Open-Air-Closed (aligned air) Modules.
  • QC700-series, Air-Open-Air-Closed, Reflux (SnuffBack) Modules.

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HM Heated Gun, QC401x1-F-N-D-L042 (AOSC Module, width 42mm)HQ-EC411ND0421ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC402x2-F-N-D-L050 (AOSC Modules, width 50mm)HQ-EC422ND0501ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC403x3-F-N-D-L073 (AOSC Modules, width 73mm)HQ-EC433ND0731ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC404x4-F-N-D-L096 (AOSC Modules, width 96mm)HQ-EC444ND0961ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC405x5-F-N-D-L119 (AOSC Modules, width 119mm)HQ-EC455ND1191ask quote
......ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC501x1-F-N-D-L042 (AOAC Module, width 42mm)HQ-EC511ND0421ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC502x2-F-N-D-L050 (AOAC Modules, width 50mm)HQ-EC522ND0501ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC503x3-F-N-D-L073 (AOAC Modules, width 73mm)HQ-EC533ND0731ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC504x4-F-N-D-L096 (AOAC Modules, width 96mm)HQ-EC544ND0961ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC505x5-F-N-D-L119 (AOAC Modules, width 119mm)HQ-EC555ND1191ask quote
......ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC701x1-F-N-D-L042 (Reflux Module, width 42mm)HQ-EC711ND0421ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC702x2-F-N-D-L050 (Reflux Modules, width 50mm)HQ-EC722ND0501ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC703x3-F-N-D-L073 (Reflux Modules, width 73mm)HQ-EC733ND0731ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC704x4-F-N-D-L096 (Reflux Modules, width 96mm)HQ-EC744ND0961ask quote
HM Heated Gun, QC705x5-F-N-D-L119 (Reflux Modules, width 119mm)HQ-EC755ND1191ask quote
......ask quote
All other Gun dimensions & configurations also available upon inquiry...ask quote